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Ever wondered what goes on behind the cinematic camera? Well now is your chance to take a peek through the eyes of the Hair and Makeup Department. Don't think 'yawn! girly makeup'...think bruising, wigs, hair, prosthetics, goo, blood, skincare and yes, a little bit of girly makeup. We have video tutorials from beauty to pro techniques, interviews with the crew, reviews of products we love, photographs to take you behind the scenes and finally articles on just about anything.

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Video Tutorials

Taking inspiration from some of the worlds most familiar characters, these tutorials focus on achieving 'the look' with professional advice, tips and techniques. Alternatively find out how we create the weird and wonderful!



From the mundane to the magnificent! There are no rules and no themes so expect articles on pretty much anything and everything!


Behind The Scenes

The everyday occurrences of a Hair and Makeup Artist. Places that capture the imagination, people who create a smile and times that shouldn't be forgotten.


A Day In The Life of..

The crew...individuals from all over the world, from all walks of life and all with a story or two to tell.


Tried & Tested

Hair, makeup, skincare and professional products for both men and women tried and tested in the makeup trailer on ourselves and actors. We aim to bring you the low down on those products that rock our world.


Tip Top Tips

Advice from those hair and makeup artists who have been living and breathing the industry for years. Little tidbits of information that once you read you will never forget and who knows may just change your life!

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I watched this yesterday and LOVED IT!! Such a great movie and the soundtrack is amazing. And Groot is SO CUTE!...
last week
I watched this yesterday and LOVED IT!! Such a great movie and the soundtrack is amazing. And…
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Day 2/100: Office with a view. Prep. #locationfilming @ Greater Montreal