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Hayden Weal, Martin Freemans (Bilbo) double patien..
This is the crowd hair and makeup room in Pinewood..
I still remember tapping the stature in the photog..
I know what you're
Finding shade was a crew members number one priori..
Henry Macintosh (base runner) and I enjoying a Cok..
I still get really excited walking into base. It i..
Oh yes, the clean, tidy makeup bus fairy trainee (..
Makeup Artist Mandy Gold works her magic...
It always makes me smile seeing background extras ..
Stunt bus that flips onto its side whilst at speed..
Couldn't resist. I expected Lawrence of Arabia to ..
Morocco. Hot. Dusty. Desert. Now lets bring in som..
Another blimp. You know I love them!..
The camels just don't care...
Bifur, Gloin and Oin relaxing between takes. The t..
So many wigs and so much facial hair! It was endle..
I found this whilst racing around Pinewood Studios..
We spent about a week on night shoots in Burnham W..
Hair and Makeup Artist Tamsin Dorling styling Jeff..
Is it?....No. Jonny Depps stunt double gets some m..
Working the fat suit, Bomber prepares for another ..
Just another normal Halloween evening on the makeu..
The boys..
Walking around the set you can come across some gr..
In the bathroom fight scene, one of the blanks spl..
Lake Town. It was an incredibly detailed set to wo..
There was a 'holding area' inbetween the stages wh..
I noticed this goblin having a cigarette just outs..
This was the access point for the actors. They wou..
Hair and Makeup Artist Anna DeWitt beautifully mod..
Jed Brophy aka Nori de-rigging in the makeup truck..
The boys inbetween takes looking quite simply .. b..
Fili and Kili small scale masks. Every character h..
There is nothing odd about this photograph at all...
Peter Hambleton aka Gloin. I was his Hair and Make..
Ricci-Lee Berry and I enjoying wearing the wigs fo..
Scene 88. This scene continued sporadically for we..
This is a scene from the films prequel where the d..
Sometimes I think behind the camera is more exciti..
I took this at about 5am as I arrived at work. It ..
The Fountain of Youth set. Two makeup artists fell..
I'm sorry to break this to you but Woola the adora..
Paul Gooch and Paula Price were Hair and Makeup Ar..
These were the three handmaidens for Dejah Thoris...
This exterior set was absolutely huge and the atte..
The set was located near Guildford and over the 5 ..
I love photographs of the set and the equipment. O..
This was the cutest scene to watch. Time and time ..
Asa Butterfield (Norman Green) and Eros Vlahos (Cy..
You can see that the 'hero' background artist (the..
This location, believe it or not, was in a quarry ..
Jokes aside, this is actually what I looked like o..
This poor stunt man met his end at the hands of th..
Just another blisteringly hot day in the volcano b..
This is how I kept 5 children entertained for 5 mo..
The most thrilling explosion I have ever experienc..
How we passed the time? Laying beards on each othe..
On location in Tenerife. Beautiful coastline and t..
This was the pool I swam in every night for a mont..
Its not real!! Not the wood, not the bricks. All c..
This is what the crew look like when there is a lu..
James Nesbitt aka Bofur enjoying the barrel ride w..
Quick touch ups before the camera rolls..
I am addicted to these helium filled balloon light..
When a film in shot in 3D, the monitors that we us..
One of the many things that happen behind the scen..
The amount of wigged background artists on Pirates..
Yup, another wig, another photo!..
One of the judges had a huge powdered wig that was..
Gwen Taylor plays a dead woman and revealed her bo..
I'm looking very serious. Probably just thinking w..
Glamourous..yes. Always :)..
I caught this background artist having a cigarette..
Hair and Makeup Artist Luca Succuman contemplating..
Nicole Kidman plays a character calls Claudia in N..
We spent a great deal of time in the studios at Sh..
One of the many beautiful sets that were the backd..
Stage 5 at the world famous Cinecitta Studios in R..
Another atmospheric shot of the studio. I can't ge..
Call time on the makeup bus with Graham McTavish (..