MAC Mineralise Skinfinish

Its domed, its versatile and it needs to be in your makeup bag!

For several years now I have had a Medium Plus skinfinish powder in my personal makeup bag. I find it an essential part of my daily routine, a product that simply finishes off my makeup.

A wide selection of 10 shades allows these compacts to be used for setting, contouring, bronzing or simply evening out a complexion. I use it mostly as a bronzer to lightly dust over the facial areas that would naturally catch the sun (forehead, bridge of the nose, cheekbones and a touch on the chin). It also sets my foundation/concealer and when used as a contouring powder the semi matte finish is highly natural and blends easily. To add definition I suck in my cheeks and add skinfinish to the hollow, then brush under the jawline and if wearing a shoulder bearing top/dress I would lightly dust into the collarbone area.

My one concern with the Skinfinish is that it can pick up on any dry areas. Always make sure your skin is well moisturised and hydrated before a makeup routine. I tend to get the odd area of dry skin from time to time so to combat this I always carry a small bottle of Evian in my kit. A quick spritz over my finished makeup adds a refreshing glow, stops makeup appearing too matte and hydrates my look.

Thoroughly useful and lasts such a long time! A must for the makeup bag.


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