Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant

A super fine exfoliant that won't be rough on your skin. And it smells like rusks (in a nice way).

I go through phases of exfoliating my skin. I will notice a few blocked pores, race to the shops and buy the harshest 'be gone' exfoliator that money can buy. Yes it stings, yes it has removed the top layer of my face, but block pores...still there. Give me a few days and I will have forgotten about them until approximately 8 weeks down the line. There is a more gentle way to get rid of blocked pores, help remove the dead skin and dirt and leave your face feeling baby soft. Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant.

Its title gives the game away. It is so gentle that you can indeed use it on a daily basis. Meaning that you are not scraping away the surface possibly severely damaging your skin in the process. You put a little pile on your hand and add warm water forming a paste. This then releases papain, rice enzymes and salicylic acid. Now I know that salicylic acid, whilst sounding like something you don't want to put near you face is indeed used in the treatment of acne and I have had a salicylic peel once that removed a disgusting amount of dead skin from my face. So that ingredient gets a tick in the box! 

I didn't know this until doing a bit of research but rice water is apparently incredibly good for your skin! Before you run off and grab a sachet of Uncle Bens, it is the high levels of proteins, vitamins and minerals in the enzymes that are an essential cofactor in antioxidant defenses. The papain believe it or not derives from the papaya fruit and is also an enzyme. This one helps to repair your skin so is great for those with the pesky first signs of ageing or fine lines.

Personally I would have been happier to know that there was papaya in my microfoliant rather than Papain which took a bit of research to pin down. But now that I know that above I am even more keen to keep to my daily routine!

So overall, really gentle, very soothing and a product that if you persevere on a daily basis will keep your skin in tip top glowing condition. 


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