Sisley Radiant Firming Lift

It firms, it lifts and it radiates!!

For a good few years I have loved every Sisley product that I have purchased, from perfume, to makeup, to skincare. It is just such a classic brand that oozes sophistication and never fails to impress.

The Radiant Firming Lift is one of those products. It makes me look instantly more awake and revitalized which when working the horrifically long hours in the film industry is always going to be a bonus. The serum contains amongst other ingredients watercress, lemon and prickly pear cactus flower extract. Watercress to boost vitality, lemon to stimulate and cactus to stimulate those enzymes already in the skin and help with skin renewal.

I tend to moisturize and then apply a thin coating of the serum with my fingers, waiting for it to be absorbed before applying my tinted moisturiser. It instantly lifts my complexion, tightens the skin and creates an illumination that can be seen through any makeup I put on top. I have been using this on actors who are looking relatively tired or whose skin just appears dull and in need of a bit of TLC. It isn't a temporary fix either, with so many key ingredients being absorbed after a few uses you can really see a difference which makes this product almost dual personality, skincare and skin prep! 


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Clare T - 3 years ago
I want one of those!

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