Jurlique Camomile Soothing Mist

Move over Evian!!


I have had a Jurlique Camomile Soothing Mist in my own personal kit for a while and never seemed to get around to using it. The opportunity just never arose for me to spritz my face and I never thought about using it throughout the day. So it gathered dust.

Introducing non other than my mother who on a trip back to the family home had the exact same product and wouldn't stop raving about the fact that it contains Grapefruit Seed Extract. (For those of you in the know the extract of Grapefruit Seed is something that white witches (my mother) try to force feed poor unsuspecting humans. I once had a near death experience with some concentrate so I refuse to go near it.)  So I am tempted to say that the mother was slightly addicted to said 'mist'.  She was up to about 16 spritzes a day and it appeared from the hand bag whilst out to lunch. That is either addiction, obsession or commitment. I haven't decided yet.

So with my mothers youthful complexion at the age of somewhere over 55 (family disownment if real age is revealed) firmly imprinted in my brain I set about using the Soothing Mist in the morning after cleansing and in the evening before heading to bed. I also took the time to read the back of the packaging and love the fact that it contains Marshmallow to hydrate and soften. Something about the idea of smothering myself in Fluff is appealing.

I am also a big fan of essential oils. Lavender I use on the numerous cuts I seem to aquire on a daily basis, Rose in my oil burner and any form of oil on the body as  a moisturiser after showering always makes me feel so hydrated and pampered. Thus the camomile with its ability to calm, hydrate and restore balance to slightly drier skin has worked wonders. There isn't a drastic change in my complexion but I have noticed that small areas of redness that appear when I am tired have disappeared and my skin feels just...more content.

I start work on a film in a couple of weeks and I can assure you that I shall be spritzing away on a similar level to that of my mother. It is a little pick-me-up for the face, one that refreshes and restores. Bliss! I may even have to indulge in a couple of their other Mists (Rose Water Balancing, Herbal Recovery, Citrus Purifying, Lavender Hydrating and Purely Bright). Like perfume you can never have enough! 




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