The cottonbud. Simple, basic and taken for granted at every opportunity.

Poor little cottonbud. An absolute essential in the makeup industry but so often overlooked. So I decided to dedicate an entire review to this little fella who has so often helped blend/remove/swab/clean/mix and has all manner of other uses.

Invented in the 1920s by Leo Gerstenzang by attaching 2 small rounds of cotton to a toothpick, he quickly realised that his fortune lay in this nifty little tool and thus the 'Q-Tip' empire was born. We use them for absolutely everything. In fact when you work in a crowd room you will always be given tissues, wetwipes and more often than not, a box of cottonbuds. But for what exactly? Well....

- Cleaning an airbrush / blending eyeshadow / smudging eyeliner / correcting makeups / removing flecks of dropped shadow / blending away edges and colouring prosthetic pieces / applying prosthetic adhesives / applying tooth decay to make teeth appear stained / mixing products ...

Phew! The list is positively endless and they will remain a true kit essential for many years to come. I should also mention that the cottonbud is not just a cottonbud of one identity. Muji supply an incredibly small bud that is a kit staple, Screenface ( provide us with 'pointy at both ends' and makeup artist Hil Cook ( developed a bud with makeup remover inside for truly pro results every time. And those are just the ones that I know about so there are bound to be more out there!

So it is not a tool to be taken lightly, nor a tool to be overlooked because I can guarantee as soon as you really really need one you can't find one anywhere.



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