MAC Haute & Naughty Lash

Day to Night? No Problem.

The MAC Haute and Naughty Lash is going to be in my makeup kit for a very, very long time. Everyone has their favourite and goodness I tend to jump from mascara to mascara without a backward glance but this one has me hooked.

It started a little like this. 'What mascara shall I use? Rimmel, MAC or Maxfactor?' (I always seem to have at least 3 taking up space in my personal makeup bag.) 'Hmmm..lets try the MAC. Wow..two wands. Or is it one? But where does the thin wand go?' There follows about 10 minutes of 'monkey vs computer' as I get to grips with the technology of mascara wands. And don't think me alone in this because I have had two friends do EXACTLY the same thing. Slight open mouth, little furrow of the brow and then the lightbulb moment.

Can I quickly explain that there is only one brush. The Naughty is the standard wand whereas the Haute is created by pulling the brush through the hollow naughty wand so that all of the excess mascara is taken off. 

So having discovered the MAC version of the wheel, I love the way the Haute brush is so delicate and gives you the most feathery lengthened lashes that are perfect for day wear. I am currently dealing with a major lack in the lash area so this is fantastic for delivering a subtle splash of colour that coats each lash.

The Naughty, is exactly what is says on the tin. Wonderful pigmented goop that loads the lashes with enough mascara to take on the night and win. The bristles prevent any clumps and there is no need to do two coats thus saving precious life time!


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