Bobbi Brown Long Wear Cream Shadow

Everyone should have these. No question.

These small, weighty, pigmented pots of pure joy came into my life on the 27th January 2012 in Terminal 5, Heathrow airport. It was a day like any other. Flying business class to New Zealand to return to work on 'The Hobbit'. (Ha! That is definitely not going to happen again any time soon!) I was wandering the duty-free aisles when a glimmer caught my eye, a chorus of angels started singing over the tannoy system and I was drawn like a duck to water to the haven of the Bobbi Brown counter. An obviously very holy person dressed in white approached me and in the most splendid of voices asked if I needed help. The rest is a blur of testing, laughter and card purchasing (it becomes very blurry at this stage) and I found myself with two new, life long best-friends.

They are predictable - staying on your eyes for as long as you want them too. Never leaving you in the lurch.

They are always well presented - Solid glass packaging that will withstand the longest long haul flight. And you can see the colour through the glass without having to open. Time saver!

They come with lots of alternatives - With 19 shades to choose from, you are covered for every event.

And did I mention that they blend well, build up colour well, can be applied with a brush but equally well with a finger, last a really long time and can do every look possible?!






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