BluebirdFX Ink Palettes

"Creamy, luscious and look just like lollies" - Loz Schiavo, Hair and Makeup Artist and UK Distributor for BluebirdFX

I was lucky enough to be given three BluebirdFX palettes upon arrival for work on 'The Hobbit'. Being an Australian brand, the hair and makeup artists in New Zealand were more than familiar with the brand but me being from the UK felt a little behind the times!

These palettes are alcohol activated pigment palettes and are used in the hair and makeup industry for absolutely everything! I am not even exaggerating! Once activated the creamy pigments can be applied to wigs, hair, prosthetics, the body and the face to create a buildable colour that won't budge. You have to work quickly for as the alcohol evaporates then the colour stops moving but the great thing about BluebirdFX is that there is a wonderful translucency that can only be built upon.

There are three hair palettes (Hair Silver, Lo-Lights, Hi-Lights) and nine ink palettes ranging from Character, to Dead, to Vintage Tattoo. The palettes are also a very handy size so that they can easily be taken to set and won't bulk up your bag!


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