Fleetstreet Bloodworks Drying Paste

A very handy tube of blood paste that should be kept in the set bag at all times!

Once you have been helped out of a sticky situation a few times by one particular product then it appears it has to stay with you forever more. This Bloodworks Drying Paste now has a home in my set bag (the bags har and makeup artists take to set with them containing all number of goodies to look after their actors!) through its ability to be a wound filler, a scratch or the reddish hue of a bruise. It has all three of those things well and truly covered. 

The paste itself is a deep dark red with rich tones that make it a perfect freshly congealed blood wound filler. Spread over the skin it has the ability to either gloop together in a very realistic congealed mess or appear like a thin scab. I have found that this product is a great 'base' material, using fresh blood over the top to add finishing touches. 


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