Umberto Giannini Frizzi Frizz Off Blow Dry Cream

If your hair is like the picture on the tube then this may be your lucky day!

So on the front of the packaging it says ' Super Smooth Taming for Coarse and Unruly Hair'. I would like to firstly point out that all of those words are really really really good words to use when trying to suck someone like me into buying this product. Secondly, that is my hair! 'Coarse and Unruly!' It gets even better on the back, 'tame and transform FRAZZLED, PARCHED looking hair into frizz free hair that sashays with smoothness and shine'. Frazzled and parched....check and check. I was sold at the front of the tube but the clincher was 'sashay' hair very rarely sasheys. In fact it only ever sashays once I have blasted a bit more life out of it with a hot implement.

So on with the testing!

The changing my life. Yes I still have crappy hair. If I don't do anything to it then it remains limp, lifeless, un-sashaying and a little bit like the straw man from The Wizard of Oz. But when this product is used before a blow dry/straighten/ works like magic. My hair is fuller, stronger and has the appearance of very healthy hair. 

You have to be careful with how much you use. A little too much and you will look like an extra from a medieval film. And on very fine hair I would go so far as to say this isn't the product for you.

Other great factors: It has heat protectors built in and adds natural separation and texture. I am a sucker for ending up with one too many products on the shelf so this one tube has taken the place of about three! My hair is bleached so I find I need to add shine. A small drop of serum such as Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum (love it!) really finishes off the look.

Soo overall a real winner. I highly recommend this product and shall be thoroughly testing it on wigs and actors over the next few months!


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