Tangle Teezer

An innovation in hair care!

The Tangle Teezer has well and truly landed on the shores of Haircare and I believe will be around for a very long time. What is all the fuss about I hear you say?! Well if you suffer from hair that tangles easily or indeed breaks at the meer touch of a brush then you should get yourself a Tangle Teezer. It has two lengths of flexible plastic 'teeth' that move and bend with your hair thus never snagging, pulling or breaking the hair. You can also use on wet hair which as we know is when your hair is at its most fragile and most likely to do that weird stretchy thing.

In the child hair brushing routine it has been something of an epiphany. No more tears! I remember at least 10 minutes of accute pain every morning as my mother struggled to get the latest dreadlock that had appeared overnight at the base of my neck. And the kids design is a very cute little 'Magic Flowerpot' design which is bound to be a winner.

Basically it is a very gentle hairbrush that gets the tangles out quickly and efficiently. The design also acts as a polishing tool so it leaves your hair looking smooth and luscious! 

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