Cloud Nine Hair Straighteners

Is there room in the hair straightening arena for a GHD competitor? I reckon so.

Cloud Nine hair straighteners have in a tiny little way slightly changed my life. First of all I am lucky enough to own the set. Baby, mummy and daddy or if you are a true professional micro, orignial and wide irons (not straighteners).

For those of you out there who no longer sport the 'ironed' look then you must be aware of the straighteners ability to flick, curl and wave! With a little practice your straighteners become wands of feline power. Yup! No exaggeration!

Let me quickly run through the pros (there are no cons):

- Extra long lead. Nothing worse than having to straighten without a mirror or bend in a weird way in order to get your head to appear in the wall mounted mirror due to short lead.

- The point where the lead joins the straighteners swivels! Thus preventing the lead from doing that tangle thing where it ends up in loops and you have to patiently hang your straighteners upside down and wait for them to stop turning.

- Temperature Control. From 100 to 200 degrees. That power is in your hands. My hair in its current bleached blonde state can just about do 150. Any higher and it literally makes a break for freedom.

- The ceramic plates are super smooth with rounded edges so you never snag or pull your hair.

-They come with a protective case and pouch in case you are in a rush and can't wait for them to cool before storing. 

All three of the irons have been in my pro kit for over two years and have been used on a daily basis. They have straightened many an Elven wig on 'The Hobbit' and still they keep on performing! Thoroughly recommend.

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