Shu Uemura Depsea Smoothing Foundation

Introducing the purest, holier than holy hair prep product.

I want you to know from the start that I’m a tad cynical when it comes to ingredients such as Depsea Water’. My reasoning is one born slightly of lack of knowledge so I’m adopting an aloof indifference. It is also making me feel like I’ve missed the boat on a worldwide phenomena that has left everyone else with luscious purer than pure hair. I did a bit of research in order to find out exactly what is ‘Depsea’ and here is the low down for those who missed the boat….

originating in the polar regions of the globe, cold, dense, glacial water gradually sinks deep into underwater currents circulating near the ocean floor. over a period of 2,000 years, far removed from sunlight and secluded from bacteria or pollutants, this deep seawater remains pure and rich in minerals.’

I just get the feeling that my hair would remain the same condition whether I were to use ‘Depsea Water’ or say water from my Brita Filter. Am I alone in those thoughts?

And so having slammed the waters from the deep, does the product actually work?! Yes damn it! I use it on damp hair before blowdrying or styling. It is in essence a primer that smoothes the hair follicle, makes the hair more manageable and eases tangled tresses.

I haven’t used the other products in the Depsea range but Shu Uemura haircare products are for the most part really really worth trying especially the hair masks. So cast aside the Brita Filter and get some Depsea in your kit!




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