Illamasque Powder

A powder is never just a powder.

As a makeup artist we get through an awful lot of powder. We use it to get rid of shiny faces, set our makeups for longevity, seal prosthetics so that they don’t attract dirt, help cover up tattoos and many other essential daily uses.

One major factor that we have to be vigilant of is shimmer. It can come in many forms from ‘light reflecting particles’ to a ‘hint of gold but all are no good when using on actors who for example are battling it out in the trenches. ‘Saving Private Ryan’ wouldn’t have been quite so cinematically incredible had all the soldiers been given a dusting of bronzer containing a ‘golden summer shimmer’. Oops!

Illamasque Loose Powder ticks all of the boxes. It is incredibly light-weight, so so fine and gives a semi-matte finish that doesn’t appear too ‘powdery’. Available in a wide array of shades ranging from translucent through to black with yellow and pinks tones in-between.

For the most part I use a translucent powder (010) that can be used across the board and one I know won’t have the director asking why the actor playing a corpse is shimmering under the studio lights. I also always make sure I have a 325 in my kit for use on darker skin tones.

And have I mentioned that the tub is pretty big? You seem to get a great deal more for your buck which is always a bonus!


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