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Add lemon to your water.
8 Reasons Why: Boosts immune system Acts as an internal cleanser Freshens breath Aids digestion Keeps spots at bay Helps keep hunger levels down Boosts your energy Helps cut down on caffeine (note how this is the last one)

Brush my hair 100 times a day?!
It helps distribute nutrients from your scalp through to the tips of your hair thus conditioning and adding shine!

News Flash! Pulling out grey hairs WILL NOT create two to grow in the same place!

A touch of sunkiss makes you appear younger.
Even if you are of the palest complexion you can afford to dab a hint of tinted moisturiser on nose, forehead and cheeks. Or have a subtle shimmer compact in your bag.

Don't listen to the makeup lady whose makeup you don't like.

Suffering from the biggest blemish ever?!
Kiehls 'Blue Herbal Spot Treatment' is incredible. Think of it as an advanced 'toothpaste treatment'. Kills the blemish outright!!!

"You DYE cloth. And TINT hair." - Donald McInnes, Hair & Makeup Artist

Hair feeling fly-away? Try a small amount of your conditioner to tame.

Creating a keloid scar
Pro Tip: Looking to create a keloid scar? Combine acrylic paint and prosaide to create a thick skin coloured pax paste. Huge staying power and waterproof to boot! - Deborah Jarvis

Handle With Care
Be extra gentle with your hair when wet. It is at its most fragile and will easily stretch or snap under harsh brushing. Try using a tangle teezer to minimise pulling and a leave in conditioner to aid detangling!

Don't bin it!
I hate finding disposable mascara wands in the bottom of my makeup kit, especially if they have bits of fluff caught in them. So when your mascara runs out give the wand and the bottle a wash in a basin of soapy water. Leave overnight to dry and then use as an eyebrow shaper / mascara de-clumper. No more fluff!!

Eyebrows you define me!
To get killer eyebrows (as shown on Barbie) that will complete any look, brush your brows down (not flattering, please don't leave like this) and fill in the upper brow line with a fine pencil / shadow. Now brush the brows up and fill in the lower brow line. Brush into place and apply a brow fix or indeed use a bit of hairspray on your wand/finger to smooth into place. Tada!!

Water, Water, Water! Think of your body like a flower, without enough water you will shrivel up and die. Yup! Dramatic!

Hair conditioner as a shaving lubricant is amazing!

Natural curl vs baby doll google eyes
Do you end up with a 90 degree bend in your eyelashes after curling? Why not make the curl more natural but just as eye-popping by curling in three stages. The first at the root of the eyelash, the second a touch further along and the third towards the tip of the lash. Also use small pincer like squeezes to gently bend the lash to prevent breaking. Pic copyright - www.garrisonphoto.org

Hold your eyebrow up when curling your eyelashes. It gives you more control.

Basic Colour Correction: Green/yellow to balance blemishes or rosacea. Pink to balance the grey in dark circles
If in doubt look at a colour wheel. Opposite pink = grey / black. Opposite green / yellow = red.

No more tango hands
Keep a dishwasher tablet / stain remover / shaving foam close at hand when self tanning. When finished, rub your palms with the above under warm water until the water runs clear trying not to wash the back of your hands. Remember to get in between your fingers and thumb and your inner wrist. I have never suffered from orange palms with the above key ingredients to hand.

Exfoliate before self tanning!
I love exfoliating mitts that work up a real lather and make my skin tingle with cleanliness. This is especially worth doing before self-tanning as it will remove any dead / dry skin that would result in a blotchy tan. Nooo!